Why Use Us!


KPM Automotive is dedicated to show the valley that family friendly and honest mechanics still exist in the world. We are not only motivated, we are loyal and stand behind the work we do by offering a full Labor and Parts Warranty for any and all workmanship. Your vehicle repair will go as smooth and efficient as you wish it always has. 

A quality repair by a Certified Technician

 24,000/2 year warranty on most repairs

 Cheaper repair compared to dealer or "SHOP" prices

No waiting, having to find a ride or towing your vehicle

Technician quality repair near the backyard mechanic price !

Our Experience Shows!


The technicians who work for KPM Automotive have Automotive Service Excellence certifications in the services they perform and excel in automotive repair, with years of hands on training as well. From experience working on military vehicles to most makes and models in the automotive and diesel industries KPM will exceed the standards you have for automotive service and when finished your vehicle will feel like a new car.

The goal is for you to feel the
difference after your vehicle's repair